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Activities at the Quinta Bamboo


Greetings to the sun in the morning yoga class.

Martina teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the tradition of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and his son Manju P. Jois.

The asanas (postures) are dynamically linked in a series with each other. Synchronization of breathing, movement and fixed focus promote key elements of yoga, awareness, alignment, devotion, energy and meditation.

The instruction can be tailored according to the experience and physical condition of the individual.

Yoga is practiced in our special practice room (shala) or in the outdoor shala,

Kids yoga is offered in the regular kids yoga class at our academy situated 7km away in Tabua.

Wing Tsun Flow

Wing Tsun is a concept-based Chinese Martial Art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specialising in real world, close-range combat. Wing Chun is taught to women and men. Students of Wing Chun learn selfdefense techniques, including multiple attacker defenses.Realistic scenarios are always emphasized in training. Using basic tecniques in various combinations, students develop an awareness and ability to defend against attacks. Wing Chun does not exclusively rely on strength or power, from the outset students are trained to striked vulnerable targets rather than trying to match an opponant strength against strength.



Japanese Tea Ceremony


While staying at our quinta you can enjoy outdoor Taekwon-Do training in our specially designed training area where you are welcome to train alone or with one of our experienced instructors.

During the colder months or any other time you may train at our nearby Taekwon-Do academy, situated just 7km away in Tabua.

Here we offer classes for both adults and children with instruction from Bernd (5.Dan Taekwon-Do), Martina (3.Dan Taekwon-Do) with assistance from Marco Daniel (1.Dan Taekwon-Do)..

Children from 6 years old are welcome to participate in Taekwon-Do training where they learn the basics of this martial art through games and play, perhaps also giving their parents a welcome break!

All classes are conducted in the traditional style of KwonJae Hwa.